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Developing a style: the paintings nobody was supposed to see

I was sorting through my studio the other day and unearthed some work done about three years ago when I first rediscovered painting. They're pretty crude and done in cheap paints (probably from the middle aisle at Aldi) so my first instinct was to put them in the bin. Then I decided to keep them and post them here. There's two reasons for this:

  1. I quite like them. They may be clumsy and basic but they show me beginning to discover my style, just without what limited technical ability I've now developed.

  2. In the social media age when we're all used to seeing perfect artworks endlessly shared online, it's nice to remember that we've all had (and continue to have) our struggles.

So here they are:

Three early paintings

People who know my work will recognise some familiar themes. The bright colours, the bold lines and the fact that, while some of my painting has improved, I still have a fondness for crudely drawn boats and random foreground scribbles.

I retain a certain affection for these paintings. They represent the moment I stopped trying to paint how I had always been taught, stopped worrying too much about reality and stopped trying to impersonate artists who I admire. It was the beginning of a journey to develop something that is truly me. A journey I hope will never end.

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