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Beginning my journey as an artist

When I talk about become an artist I generally talk about rediscovering my love of painting during the Coronavirus lockdowns. This is true but only partially. I've always been a keen artists - my parents talk fondly of me as a child, always with a pencil in hand or paint stains on my clothes. But over the years a busy life, other interests and the small matter of a grade-D in GCSE art conspired to put me off.

I would return to sketching from time to time, maybe buy a cheap set of watercolours to make a mess with, but no serious painting for the best part of twenty years.

Then Coronavirus came along. I can't say lockdowns afford me more time. I still had a full-time job - I work as a TV news producer. I still had two young children. But, like for many people, it encouraged me to refocus on what I really wanted out of life. Early in the pandemic, I was hospitalised with Covid and then suffer long-Covid symptoms. This, combined with the frustrations of lockdown that we all went for, provided an opportunity to reassess.

I had a happy life but, like most parents, a life dominated by fulfilling other people's needs. It provided some space just for me and, at a time when the world was literally shrinking, a way of escaping to a bigger world of my own creation.

Gradually I developed a style of my own (I'll write more about that in future) and gained the confidence to share my work first with loved ones, then friends, then on social media. Since then it has gradually grown and I have taken part in exhibitions, sold several pieces and even attracted some media coverage.

I'm still at the very beginning of my journey and am learning the importance of visibility and putting my work out there. But I've been blown away by the response my work as received and the support I've had both from other artists, buyers and friends and family. I'm not quite sure where this journey might take me but so far, I'm enjoying the ride.

Please follow my blog for regular updates and sign up for the newsletter on my homepage for more. Do drop me a line with any questions or comments, I love hearing from you.

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